Italian and Spanish Ceramic Design Inspiration


Borgogna brings a contemporary twist to the timeless allure of stone, creating strikingly sophisticated architectural spaces, inspired by a limestone range featuring two stones from France - Borgogna Bianco and Borgogna Perigueux Grigio. Borgogna embodies an authentic story of settings perfectly balanced between the traditional and the contemporary. Purposely non-rectified to maintain the three-dimensional edges reminiscent of the stones and the French Pattern encompassing different sizes within the lay. It gracefully mimics the light veining patterns typical of stone, bringing an enchanting effect to public and private settings for both indoor and outdoor projects. The collection seeks to be an expression of the simplicity of materials from the past, respectful of tradition yet close to contemporary living trends. Thanks to the material effect that brings a distinctively natural touch, and the range of warm colours, the collection embodies one of the leading interior design trends, for delicately elegant living spaces.